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This Document defines the policy on personal data processing and protection. It applies to all data that this Site may collect from users.

1. General Terms

1.1. This Document aims to:

1.1.1. Ensure the protection of the rights and freedoms of the individual in their data processing.

1.1.2. Prevent possible threats to the users' safety.

1.2. The Site Administration may change this Document. The new edition comes into force from the moment of its publication.

2. Purposes of Data Processing

2.1. Data processing is carried out to:

2.1.1. Provide access to the account.

2.1.2. Communicate with users to provide the necessary information.

2.1.3. Receive feedback from the user regarding their satisfaction with this Site.

2.1.4. Protect data confidentiality, performance, and security of this Site for confirmation of actions performed by the user, preventing fraud, cyber-attacks, and other abuses, and for investigation of such cases.

3. List of Data

3.1. General Personal Data, including name, surname, phone number, email.

3.2. Other data about the use of the Site, including:

3.2.1. IP address, type of OS, browser type, geographic location.

3.2.2. Information about the user's behavior on this Site.

3.2.3. Information automatically obtained when accessing this Site, including through the use of Cookies. Cookies are pieces of text that are automatically saved in the user's Internet browser. This allows this Site to access and retrieve the stored information on the user's computer as necessary. You may change the settings of your browser and refuse to store Cookies.

4. Principles of Data Processing

4.1 The Site Administration processes data based on the following principles:

4.1.1. Processing according to predetermined purposes.

4.1.2. Compliance of the content and volume of data with the stated processing purposes.

4.1.3. Legality of technical measures aimed at the processing.

4.1.4. Reasonableness and expediency of processing.

4.1.5. Storage of data for the period that isn't longer than required for processing purposes.

4.1.6. Destruction or depersonalization of data upon the achievement of the purposes of processing or when it is no longer necessary to achieve those purposes unless otherwise provided by law.

5. Measures to Ensure Data Protection

5.1. The Site Administration ensures the implementation of measures for data protection.

5.2. These measures include:

5.2.1. Limiting the composition of persons with access to the data and organizing a permissive system of access to the data.

5.2.2. Regular risk assessment of the processing process.

5.2.3. Conducting inspections for internal control of processing compliance with legal requirements.

5.2.4. Prevention of unauthorized access to systems where data are stored.

5.2.5. Data backup and recovery, operability of technical means and software, information protection means in information data systems.